Architectural Metals, Inc. July, 2020 – Employee Spotlight: Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts joined the AMI Family in March of 2017, after a time working in Residential Construction.

The seasonal fluctuations of working on homes pushed his desire for a career in Commercial Construction, and the steadiness of year-long employment has been one of the many things he has appreciated at AMI. AMI’s insurance benefits and 401k Plan are factors that are helping him positively look to the future. “I look forward to early, cool mornings fishing on the lake”, he says. “Right now, most free time is spent painting, drywalling, and working on my house, but I look forward to more time with a fishing pole in my hands.”

Andrew’s career has been diverse. “I worked in construction since High School and spent some time in a factory and a slaughterhouse. During shutdowns in the factory, I worked with my cousin doing finish carpentry, and then got into Residential Construction.”

Most people at AMI are probably not aware that Andrew earned a Bachelor Degree in Biology Natural Resources from Central Michigan University. “I am proud of the degree, but decided that two more years earning a Masters Degree wasn’t what I wanted,” says Andrew. “I was making a great living in construction and decided to make that my career.”

Andrew was one of the most recent graduates of the Journeyman Program at AMI. He has an appreciation for the opportunities this will provide and felt that his instructors at AMI were very helpful.

His first opportunity to lead a job, as Foreman, was at the recently completed Bradford White R & D building in Middleville. “I had worked with all of the guys and the General Contractor before,” he said, “and everyone understood it was my first chance at leading a crew. Everyone was very supportive.”

Andrew says he hopes to continue as a Foreman with AMI for a number of years and hopes to mentor new Field Workers. Perhaps later, he plans to look at moving up in the company, perhaps as a Project Manager.

We appreciate everything you do to personify the AMI Mission, Andrew! URAMI!

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