Client Support Process

AMI listens and ensures that we understand what our clients want to accomplish.

AMI's Process

What AMI Does for Our Clients

Based on our clients’ goals, help them understand their options and tradeoffs, while accounting for the most productive initial and lifetime strategy for enclosing their building.

AMI provides a summary along with strategies and tradeoffs for achieving the client’s goals.

What AMI Doesn't Do

Provide clients with solutions that don’t account for clients big-picture goals, or use cook-book based answers.

How AMI Helps Clients Make Effective Decisions

Providing options for continuing a shared benefit relationship.

Assisting with the design process to maximize initial and lifetime value from the building’s envelope.

Contract managing the building’s total enclosure to maximize effectiveness and on time delivery.

Collaborating with complimentary trades to maximize impact and efficiency.

As required, AMI will partner under joint venture / contract, with another preferred trade partner if this is the prudent method to ensure timely and efficient building enclosure.