Enclosure Management

Capitalize on AMI’s enclosure management solution.

Why AMI?

Because AMI understands the interface between differing materials and enclosure trades and is committed to weather tight and on-time enclosures. AMI also recognizes that general contractors already have enough to manage and that building timelines are already tight. Getting the enclosure done on-time empowers timely interior completion.

Let AMI's Proven Process Help You!

Manage all aspects of enclosing the building

Reduce the increasing challenges for meeting building timelines

Enable the general contractor to focus on other priorities

AMI's Enclosure Management Solution Options

Option 1

Contract manage the building’s complete enclosure – the enclosure related trades serve as AMI’s sub-contractors

Option 2

General contractor retains separate contracts with each trade, then empowers AMI to manage the enclosure process

Option 3

Manage completion of a critical stage or process during enclosure