Job Posting – Shop Production Manager


Job Description:

Ability to lead and manage the production team to meet project budget, quality, and schedule requirements. The Production Manager shall have experience in both construction and manufacturing methodologies to ensure the direct reports are efficiently completing the work with the intended purpose of streamlining the installation on the jobsite. Reporting directly to a member of the executive team, direct reports include design team and production floor staff. This position requires the ability to develop professional contacts, work in a team environment, and effectively connect with customers and the field workforce. Critical thinking skills coupled with an ability to listen to all stake holders prior to making a decision, in the best interest of the project, are essential to being successful in this position. The self-motivated capability to think through project recommendations, effectively prioritize and collaborate to maximize efficiency and limit production issues is required. This position will be responsible for creating and implementing processes relative to overall ACM process, QA/QC, inventory management, resource allocation, scheduling, tool management, and maintaining of consumables inventory in sufficient quantity to support field operations. 


Success Factors:

·         SERVE God, our customers, and our employees

·         Highly motivated toward continuous self-improvement

·         Positive, forward action directed at improvement of company processes & efficient project delivery

·         Proficient with written and verbal communication

·         Identify areas of improvement/investment relative to technology and equipment

·         Expand manufacturing capability to produce more ACM panels in-house

·         Fleet management of AMI owned jobsite equipment, trucks, maintenance, purchasing

·         Consistent engagement in strategic project planning

·         Proactive management of project budgets, balancing customer service & corporate profit

·         Strong, consistent communication centered around success of the entire team

·         Development & management of departmental team goals

·         Facilitate outside sales of fabricated materials (masons, glaziers, etc)

·         Mentorship & training of next generation employees, sharing your extensive experience (EDGE – educate. develop. guide. empower.)

·         Constant focus on exceptional quality of product & service

·         Respectfully engage co-workers at ALL levels of the organization

·         Expand AMI’s network of clients, vendors, and industry contacts

·         Collaborate in development of project management team structure, roles, training & development

·         Enjoy yourself, laugh with us, build cool buildings!

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