About Us

After 13 years in the architectural metal industry as a salesman, John Walter started a new company in his basement – Architectural Metals, Inc. The year was 1987 and one of his first employees was a college student named Brian Potter who was hired as a draftsman.  The company grew over the next decade and John and his wife, Shirley, began to think about retiring. Brian and Essie Potter became sole owners in 2002.

Since 1987, AMI has grown from a $100,000 company to a company with over 30 employees and an annual project budget of $8 million. How does a company grow from a basement entrepreneurial venture to one known as the premier source for Michigan’s architectural sheet metal industry in just 25 years?

The answer is in our philosophy of doing business.  Service is our foundation. AMI serves customers

  • with the highest quality products on the market
  • with a professional, friendly staff and trained craftsmen
  • with customer satisfaction as the ultimate priority

AMI is eager to serve your architectural metal building needs and has the experience to undertake even the most challenging project.

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